Photo and video services

AKPA photo agency offers comprehensive photo and video services with real-time photo distribution.

We guarantee the highest quality, fast order fulfillment, individual selection, retouching and journalistic coverage. Photos from the service are made available on our website as press materials, we ensure wide distribution through various channels including social media (Facebook, Instagram) to enable the widest possible reach. Upon request of our Customers, we can also prepare exclusive photographic documentation.

We offer photo coverage with LIVE distribution from:

  • media and business events
  • concerts and festivals
  • conferences, trade show
  • TV, theater and cinema premieres
  • press meetings, book promotions, exhibition openings
  • fashion shows
  • sports events
  • movie sets

AKPA also offers professional video services. Our team of camera operators, editors and journalists prepares video reports from events as well as interviews, making of, drone footage and streaming video.

We offer a wide range of videos including:

  • short video reports from all kinds of events
  • making of photo sessions and advertising campaigns
  • statements and interviews
  • promotional materials for events organisers and sponsors
  • video report from the movie sets
  • tutorial videos
  • DIY films
  • productions using a drone
  • video streaming (with option of transmission via Vimeo)

Do you expect high quality materials, fast processing and widespread coverage? Ask for a quote.